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Massa-Massar Youth Workshop

Sulhita / Massa Massar (“The Journey”)
Israeli Palestinian Youth Workshop
21-23.8.14 at Neve Shalom- Wahat al-Salam

The Sulha peace project is committed to creating dialogue and human encounter between Israelis and Palestinians.

In this current time, desperation, anger, violence, fear and distrust are growing, we can also clearly see that the hatred and violence are not getting us any closer to solution but only creating more and more suffering for all of us.

Can there be an end to this cycle?

Despite the difficulties, we believe that creating a real change is possible and that it starts from within by knowing ourselves and one another and by understanding that, just like me, the before me is seeking a life of dignity, freedom and a sense of security and hope.

Now, more then ever, we invite you, Israeli and Palestinian youth, to meet in order to get to know each other, to talk, to listen and to share. We hope that together we will find our common roots as human beings and as the children of Ibrahim/Abraham.

For more details please contact

Adi 0506-456990 Iyad 0546-489243



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