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The Spiritual Center presents: Silk Path- דרך המשי- درب الحرير Ibrahim Khatib’s new Album

Tuesday, 19.9.2017, 20:00 at the PSCC Building

The Spiritual Center of NSWAS invites you for meeting, introducing and conversation with Ibrahim Khatib and friends on the occasion of the release of his new album: Silk Road.

The evening will be mostly in Arabic.

From the Disk cover:

Dedication: " for those who no longer have a homeland. For all children whose dreams were shattered at the altar of the struggle for freedom."

Ibrahim Khatib: Oud & Buzuq

Ibrahim studied music in Jerusalem and is an instrumentalist and composer. He has composed, arranged and performed in several musical projects and concerts; trained Arabic music choirs; taught in the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music; worked as an artistic director and music teacher in the DCMA Academy of Music in Zanzibar (2005-2007), where he also performed. He writes music for motion pictures.

"Making music should be a purely personal choice. I compose music that I long for. I try to avoid being trapped in the comfort zone of composing music according to a set formula). "Silk Path" was made with musical sincerity."



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