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Ahmad Hijazi Peace Studies


A Masters Degree program in conflict resolution, to be offered in conjunction with the University of Massachussetts in Boston, is in the planning stage.

It has been a longstanding dream of Neve Shalom – Wahat al-Salam and the School for Peace to establish an academic degree program for peace and conflict studies. This is becoming a reality: we are working with the University of Massachusetts, Boston to develop an accredited Master’s degree program in Conflict Resolution. This will be a two-year program that builds on the experience and expertise acquired by individuals and the educational institutions of WAS-NS. The Peace College will also provide training for educators; training for professionals from overseas; and create a center for conflict resolution.

The program has formal permission from the university and from Israel’s higher education authority to begin, however not all of the funding is in place. We are currently raising funds to allow the first MA level pilot program to begin.

The target group for the pilot is a small group of postgraduate students from Israel, Palestine and around the world. Part of the learning will be conducted locally, with the addition of lectures conducted through a videoconference link with Boston.

The program’s campus will be the Fred Segal Peace and Friendship Library and other buildings in Wahat al-Salam - Neve Shalom.

The Peace College will be named after Ahmad Hijazi(1967-2012), a long-time member of WAS-NS who held many positions in the village and served from 2008 until his death as director of the School for Peace. A gifted educator and facilitator, Ahmad will be remembered as a man of peace and a dynamic leader in peace work.

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