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The reality of Neve Shalom - Wahat al-Salam as a binational community serves as the base for its educational work. This section has articles and reports on the village’s government, infrastructure, and future development plans, some pages about community members, and a chronicle of events. Information regarding the volunteer program can be found here.

Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam was founded in 1970 on land leased (and later given) to it by the adjacent Monastery of Latroun. In 1977 the first family came to reside here. By 2006, about 52 families are settled in the village. The members of Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam are demonstrating the possibility of coexistence between Jews and Palestinians by developing a community based on mutual acceptance, respect and cooperation.

Democratically governed and owned by its members, the community is not affiliated with any political party or movement. Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam gives practical expression to its vision through its various branches.

  • Chronicles

    Records of community events in recent years can be found here.

  • Community government

    NSWAS is managed by an annually elected steering committee ("secretariat") chaired by a "secretary general" - a paid position equivalent to mayor. Matters of policy, acceptance of new members, annual budget, etc, are made in assemblies of all the members.

  • Founder - Bruno Hussar

    Wahat al-Salam - Neve Shalom was founded by the dominican brother Bruno Hussar (1911 - 1996), with the intention of creating a place where the people of this land would live together despite national and religious differences, and who would conduct educational work for peace.

  • Infrastructure

    The land of NSWAS and public buildings are owned by the village. Public works projects are carried where possible with state support. Items like street lighting and sewer system hook-ups often need to be funded by members. Friends, donors and foundations help to fund construction of public buildings and large infrastructure expenses.

  • People pages

    The majority of NSWAS’ 100+ adult residents understandably prefer to keep their personal lives to themselves. However, this section contains some articles and interviews featuring past and present members and links to personal sites (see right column).

  • Services, rentals, shopping

    Private ventures by community members: apartments for rent, shopping, dining, etc.

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  • Remembering our dear friend Ambassador Sam Lewis

    Wednesday 26 March 2014 by Communications and Development Office ::
    Sam Lewis, who died this month, first visited in the 1970s and remained a supporter ever since.
  • A Piano Duo in the Oasis of Peace

    Sunday 8 December 2013 by Christina Valentin, Public Relations
    Among the most recent newcomers to the village is a pair of gifted musicians: Tami Kanazawa and Yuval Admony.
  • Three generations of the Edlund family and the WAS-NS Primary School

    Tuesday 3 December 2013 by Glenn Chon, Christina Valentin
    Wahat al-Salam Neve Shalom is today a multi-generational village. Here we tell the remarkable stories of Ety Edlund, who, together with Abdessalam Najjar, founded the Primary School; of Tom (...)
  • Happy New Year!

    Wednesday 28 August 2013 by C&D Office
    Wishing you a happy new year, from Wahat al Salam - Neve Shalom
  • Sharing Peace Internationally

    Thursday 22 August 2013 by Glenn Chon, C&D Office
    An Italian group comes to visit, bringing with them a present from the kids of the Pernici Primary School in Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy
  • Special Thanks to Rotary

    Thursday 1 August 2013 by Public Relations
    On Monday, July 22 Eyas Shbeta (Gen. Manager of the municipality) and Nava Sonnenschein (Director of the School for Peace) had the honor to attend the annual changeover ceremony of the nearby (...)
  • An Interns Perspective

    Wednesday 31 July 2013 by Glenn Chon
    Half way through the internship, Glenn Chon shares his perspective on his experiences here.
  • Voices of the Village

    Thursday 18 July 2013 by Glenn Chon
    Tali & Nadine create community based lectures.

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