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Hall rental


Halls of the PSCC are available for use by other groups and organizations

The Wahat al-Salam/Neve Shalom Pluralistic Spiritual Center is dedicated to the memory and legacy of the visionary and founder of the village, Fr. Bruno Hussar.
The center provides a space for meeting and learning in search of paths towards peace within us and between us. Activities in the center combine spiritual, cultural, educational and political dimensions based on a belief in the values of equality, justice and reconciliation.

The activities draw inspiration not only from the sources and spiritual heritages of the peoples and religions of this land, but from those of other peoples and religions, focusing on an open interreligious and intercultural discourse that promotes action towards peace.

The center’s activities are intended both for the members of Wahat al-Salam/Neve Shalom and the general public. Other organizations too may book the Center’s facilities for their own programs and courses, provided that they are suited to the spirit of the place. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness groups, human rights organizations, holistic health centers and others are already using the Center’s facilities as a regular base for meetings, practice sessions or study days.

The Pluralistic Spiritual Center complex is located at the edge of the village, bordered by woods, immersed in greenery, surrounded by natural vegetation and overlooking a valley with a magnificent view of the Latrun Monastery. The complex includes two comfortable and spacious halls with high ceilings, good acoustics and a relaxed atmosphere suitable for seminars and conferences and for workshops on disciplines such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation. Each hall can accommodate up to 80 people.

To order the halls please contact Hezzi:
Phones: 050-7579429; 02-9996306
Fax: 02-9990165

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