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The majority of NSWAS’ 100+ adult residents understandably prefer to keep their personal lives to themselves. However, this section contains some articles and interviews featuring past and present members and links to personal sites (see right column).

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  • Mechanisms of denial in the Israeli peace camp

    Friday 25 July 2014 by Michal Zak
    (outbound link) When pacifists in Israel refuse to address the true roots of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, they become part of the problem, not the (...)
  • Thoughts about the situation in the country today

    Wednesday 23 July 2014 by Eyas Shbeta
    Eyas speaks about the atmosphere that Arab citizens of Israel are feeling
  • The sub-text in Israel’s soul-searching

    Wednesday 9 July 2014 by Michal Zak
    (outbound link) Despite the hand-wringing among Israelis over the deaths of Palestinians, few want to face the true reason such hatred survives...
  • A Piano Duo in the Oasis of Peace

    Sunday 8 December 2013 by Christina Valentin, Public Relations
    Among the most recent newcomers to the village is a pair of gifted musicians: Tami Kanazawa and Yuval Admony.
  • Three generations of the Edlund family and the WAS-NS Primary School

    Tuesday 3 December 2013 by Glenn Chon, Christina Valentin
    Wahat al-Salam Neve Shalom is today a multi-generational village. Here we tell the remarkable stories of Ety Edlund, who, together with Abdessalam Najjar, founded the Primary School; of Tom (...)
  • An Interns Perspective

    Wednesday 31 July 2013 by Glenn Chon
    Half way through the internship, Glenn Chon shares his perspective on his experiences here.
  • Ahmad

    Friday 24 August 2012 by Yaacov Sonnenschein
    WAS-NS member Yaacov Sonnenschein on Ahmad Hijazi
  • Ahmad Hijazi and his son Adam

    Wednesday 22 August 2012
    On Monday August 20, Ahmad Hijazi and his 9 year old son Adam were killed in a car accident while they were on holiday in Zanzibar.

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