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Information about photos.

Besides what appears on this website, our photo albums can be found at


Photos appearing there can be download and are usually of a suitable size for printing at least a normal 4 x 6 inch / 10 x 15 cm photo.

Notes on printing and publication

Since screen resolution is usually lower than print resolution, you will need to check that the pixel dimensions of the photo are suitable for printing.

Guide to pixel dimensions:

- A photo with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,712 pixels (300 dpi), is optimal for a 21.67 x 14.49 cm (8.5 x 5.7 inch) print.

- A resolution of 1,771 x 1,184 px is optimal for a standard 15 x 10 cm (6 x 4 inch) print.

- Photos of lower resolution may be printed larger than their optimal size, though some quality loss may occur.

This web site (http://wasns.org)

Some of the photos appearing in the articles and sections of this site may be of a suitable size for printing. To find out, click on a thumbnail/vignette to see a mid-sized version of the same. Right-click to obtain the context menu. Right-click on "View image". Right-click and select "View mage info" and check the pixel dimensions. In order to download, select "save image as...". The above instructions are for Firefox browser, and may differ slightly depending on the browser you are using.

All our photos and other content are under a Creative Commons 2.5 License

Larger or additional photos may be available on request.


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  • New photo album site

    Wednesday 1 April 2015
    We have established a new site for our photo albums, at: http://photos.wasns.org

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