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Wahat al-Salam - Neve Shalom has a framework - suited mainly for young people - that makes it possible to come to work in the village for a few months in exchange for living expenses.

- Please read "Volunteering: Explanation & Conditions" for details.
- After reading the above, you can fill out the application form

- See also the section on "Internship", which offers a different type of experience.

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  • Bye and thanks from Franziska

    Thursday 10 July 2014
    Franziska sends a nice goodbye note
  • Volunteer Application Form

    Sunday 23 June 2013
    Please fill out only after reading Volunteer conditions You may telephone +972 2 9912222 or write to volunteering for further information. Raida, Volunteer Recruitment PLEASE DO NOT (...)
  • The volunteers: {Oasis-of-Peaceniks}

    Thursday 10 January 2008 ::
    The volunteer program has acquired a new director and a new internship position. As always, the program continues to draw alert, lively and interesting people from around the (...)
  • Life as a Volunteer in the Peace Village

    Saturday 25 August 2007 by Kevin Dürr ::
    Volunteer Kevin Dürr describes his year in Neve Shalom Wahat al-Salam
  • "Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr" for German volunteers

    Monday 7 June 2004
    Till recently the social benefits of the so-called "Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr" provided by the German government were available only for young German women who did that service in Germany (...)
  • Experience of a volunteer in NSWAS

    Saturday 15 May 2004 by Rosa Blumenfeld
    During the past two and a half months I have been a volunteer here at Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam. I had been in Israel for a few months already as a student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. (...)
  • Adventure and the world upside-down

    Tuesday 11 January 2000 by Tineke Vander Kooi
    Since I was thirteen I was longing to live for some time abroad. I wanted to do some practical work and get more insights about the world, about people and about myself. Lots of things are (...)

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