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A letter from Battoul’s father

Saturday 15 November 2003

To my friends in Neve Shalom – The School for Peace


Dear respected friends

I am Bashar Jaloudi from Jenin Governate Faqoaa village Palestine
I would like to express my deep and great thankfullness to my friends in Neve Shalom for their help by financing the heart surgery for My daughter BATTOUL 5 years old who was suffering from VSD. She had a whole in her heart when she was born 1998 and now she was having another whole in the VALVE and the nerves are closed the heart is becoming very big she needed very urgent surgery and we don’t have in Palestine such specialists doctors and hospitals. And I don’t have the money to do it , hence I had contacted Neve Shalom to help me to do the surgery in Schneider Hospital for children. The operation was done on 20/10/3003 .before and after the surgery they did not delay any kind of help, getting the needed permission and transportation .The program of Neve Shalom is a unique one hence it helps the children and the needed people . I beg all the donors to help in funding Neve Shalom so they could continue their program and to bring peace and humanity for Palestinian and Israelis in the region. We will always be together friends, my daughter she will need another surgery in the coming future.

My thankfulness to all the friends especially Nava, Adnan, Eitan, Michal, Soheer,and others who saved my daughter’s life .

Yours faithfully,

Jaloudi bashar
Jenin –faqoaa

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