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A little update on our 6th grade

Thursday 19 December 2013, by C&D Office

Report on the 6th Grade

The sixth grade class is taught by Reem Nashef, a long time teacher at the Neve Shalom-Wahat al Salam school. She grew up in Jerusalem and moved to NSWAS with her family in 2000. Two of her children graduated from the NSWAS primary school. Along with being responsible for the 6th grade, Reem is the school’s science and environment teacher. She works full time at the school, while working on completing her master’s degree in education. She speaks Hebrew, Arabic, German, English and French.

The class has 21 children: 12 Jews and 9 Arabs. Three live in NSWAS itself. Last year, one boy left the school to study in a school where his friends learn, and one child returned to the school – he had enrolled at another school, but missed his friends at the NSWAS primary school.

The major focus this year for the sixth grade class will be how to independently research and examine topics in-depth. For example, in studying history the children will build a “history line”, examining first what was happening personally in their lives at different periods, then they will look at what was happening in their community, region and the world during that same time period. They will compare these and look for connections and differences.

Reem says the whole class is a very special group. She taught them last year and has seen how this year they have really crystallized their ideas and opinions about life. Almost half of the class are strong minded and individualistic and have very clear opinions. They are more focused this year, have grown up and are more aware of what they want.

Reem is looking forward to working with them this year and watching them grow.


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