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A second medical treatment day in Jorat al-Shama’a village

Sunday 2 October 2005

On Saturday, October 1, the HAP team visited the West Bank village of Jorat al-Shama’a for a second treatment day there (see earlier report). Our team consisted of four physicians, a pharmacist, and three assistants. During three hours, some 150 patients were treated. Among the patients were children with seasonal ailments, a number of adults with chronic internal diseases and diabetes patients who do not receive regular treatment for economic reasons and the remoteness of the village from urban medical facilities.

We took with us medicines worth about 25,000 Shekels, of which we distributed about 8,000 Shekels’ worth. Prominent among the distributed medicines were treatments for diabetes, skin diseases and pain killers.

Unlike on our previous visit, we were able to conduct the treatment day in the village clinic, which has been repainted and put in order by the villagers. We repeated our promise that if the villagers are able to find a doctor (employed by the Palestinian Authority or privately) who will come at least twice a week, we will assist by equipping the clinic with all the necessary medical equipment. The long-term cost of paying a private doctor would be too high for our own limited resources.


HAP team members Inas Karyani (L)and Adnan Mana'a with Jorat al-Shama'a (...) Dr. Nasser Srour with patient Dr. Ayelet Zerem with patients Dr. Nader Abdel-Rahman with patient

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