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An anniversary event for the Primary School

Thursday 16 July 2015

When, at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, Ety Edlund found herself accompanying her granddaughter to the school, she suddenly had an idea. This would be the 31st anniversary of the school that she, together with Abdessalam Najjar (Allah irrahmo) founded. Why not gather together an exhibition of photos and formally celebrate the school’s anniversary – since this was something that no one had ever done? The idea took hold and, towards the end of the school year, a date was set for the event, which would bring together many people for whom the school has been significant: pupils and graduates, teachers, former principals, parents and village members.

Gathering together old photos from all the years of the school’s existence was a labour of love that involved no small amount of effort. Added to it was the task of composing accompanying texts in two languages. But the product proved to be well worth the trouble. The exhibition was made ready, to be enjoyed not only for a one time event but also for posterity. The event itself was a great success, invoking nostalgic memories for all who attended. Besides the nostalgic value was also the historical record of the first bilingual binational school in Israel.

The exhibtion was placed in the Peace Museum (where it also remained for a month). After viewing the exhibition, everyone went up to the Library building just above it for a get-together, speeches and the slide presentation.

The occasion marked another milestone in the history both of the school and the budding Peace museum.

Photo gallery for the Event

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