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Annual Summer Camp for Palestinian Children

Friday 23 July 2010

Today the Palestinian summer camp in Wahat al-Salam ended successfully. It was a significant event, with 40 children, mostly from al-Duheisheh refugee camp (and a few from ’Ayda Camp). They spent a week in the Waha, except for day trips when they visited Jaffa and sites in our area: It was a very touching moment when the children spoke about their original villages and begged to be taken to see them. The parents of many of these children came from villages not far from here, in the Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem areas, such as ’Ajjur, al-Mughallis, Zakariyya, Bayt Jibrin, Bayt ’Itab, al-Jirashah, Ras abu ’Ammar, ’Ayn Karim and also Yaffa.

Mr. Hussein al-Huroub, the managing director of the Shiraa’ Association For Development in Bethlehem, who was our partner in the summer camp and brought these wonderful children from al-Duheisheh, gave positive feedback and his personal thanks.

One of the highlights of the week came on Wednesday evening, when some families from the village got together and organized a barbeque for the whole group. It was a very happy event, both for the children and their hosts.

This summer camp was a great example of positive corporation between various departments in the village: not only the Primary school, which directly organized the camp (under the management of Ms. Reem Nashef), but also the School for Peace, the Guest House, the Communications and Development Office and the municipality of WAS-NS. Both staff members and many young and adult members of the village contributed their time and energy.

Finally, our heartfelt thanks to the Bruno Hussar Foundation in Germany, who made the Camp possible.

Umar Ighbariyeh, Chair of the Educational Association.

Thanks to Nadeen Nashef for the photos

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