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Anti-racism meeting at the Nadi

Thursday 26 March 2015

A large group of teenagers from WAS-NS, both Arabs and Jews, attend the Tsafit High School in nearby Kfar Menahem. Lately, there have been incidents of racism – verbal and physical violence – towards these kids, especially the Arabs among them. Parents have expressed their concerns to the principal and staff of the school. However, while the School struggles to find a solution, Ofek Moses, a Jewish 12th grader from the village who attends the School, had the idea of inviting a group of Jewish students from Tsafit to the youth club. These students are active in a Shomer HaTzair kibbutz movement youth group.

On March 8, they came, toured the village and attended an activity arranged by Ofek at the Nadi. They spoke with kids at the Nadi about the problems faced by WASNS teens, especially Arabs, at Tsafit. The group hopes to advance a project that would raise awareness towards racism among the students at Tsafit School.

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