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Art Exhibition Opening: Barriers to Peace

Monday 20 November 2017, by Dyana Shalufi-Rizek

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The opening of the exhibition in Gallery yesterday was full of warmth, support and a high level of artistic activity.

The presence of several artists was special and the audience loved the speeches they gave, while others made their presence felt throughtheir amazing art works.

Barriers to Peace: This name was chosen mainly due to the 100 years of political conflict since the racist and colonialist Balfour Declaration. The barriers represented are psychological, emotional, existential and political. If we believe in equality between the two peoples in this land and among all their sons and daughters, rulers will be forced to stop their destruction of all that this implies. Countries will be obliged to apologize and change their attitude toward oppressed peoples, here and around the world.


- Many thanks to the artists and the arts - the names are listed elsewhere, thanks to our friend, artist Dahoud Hayek who assisted in the construction of the exhibition, and to Voltaire Shamshoun and his professional skills. Thanks to Tal Shahar Frieden and his talent in designing the amazing poster for this exhibition and the previous exhibition.

- Thanks to my little family, and especially to my life partner Rayek, for his support and generosity, and thanks to our family car, which enabled me to travel to everyone and return with these art works - this artistic treasure.

- Thanks to the residents and the institutions of the village, especially the Communications and Development Office, to the Spiritual Center under the direction of Hezzi Schouster, to friends of Neve Shalom from Europe and America and those who came from many parts of the country to be with us. Thanks to Roberta Jordan for her financial support of the project, and I thank also myself for this achievement and voluntary labor.

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