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Booklet on Bruno Hussar

Tuesday 24 May 2016, by Anne Le Meignen

Anne Le Meignen edited and published a selection of articles and poems on Bruno Hussar in French and Hebrew in 1996. The same selection has been translated into English in honor of the 20th anniversary year of Bruno’s death

View / Download PDF Our Brother Bruno (booklet):

According to a very beautiful Hebrew expression,
“Halach Bruno leolamo”
(Bruno went to his world)
on February 8, 1996.

Bruno, our brother, our friend. Bruno, our guide in this great adventure of Neve Shalom Wahat al-Salam, which crowned not only his life but also the full realization of his personality.

As an agnostic Jew, who was educated without any religious knowledge, he encountered, at age 22, the figure of Jesus, son of the Jewish people, so that the faith of the God of Abraham became his. This encounter allowed him, some years later, to discover his own Jewish identity. It is thus that Bruno came to Israel in 1953.

As a founder – a visionary, a pioneer – he dreamed. Nothing and nobody caused him to depart from the road that he took, until he judged that he had arrived at his destination. “I have walked along each of the many varied paths where the cloud has led me, and lived for the end towards which it was guiding me.”

However, he lived events of his life in an existentialist fashion, as he loved to say, and engaged with them with his whole person. He remained humble before reality, changing or correcting according to the needs of his personal way, but always with faith in the core vision of his whole life, which he summarizes at the end of his book, When the Cloud Lifted : “Not destroying anything that has life in it. Loving, because loving is living and creates life. Hoping...”

And it is thus that could be born, exist and develop, Neve Shalom – Wahat al-Salam, this village of the impossible, it seems, this village of hope.

Beyond the separation that leaves us as “orphans,” to us, the children of his dream, remains the tough and exciting task to continue the unfoldment.

This booklet does not wish to be other than a souvenir and a testimony to the memory of one who has given us so much, and who, we wish to believe, remains with us.


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