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Building Noah’s ark

Tuesday 19 January 2010, by Veronica Sartore

The pupils of one of the two 2nd grade classes and their parents gathered at the school one afternoon to build and populate a Noah’s Ark. “The children have just learned about this episode, which is a story that the Torah and the Qu’ran have in common”, said Hebrew teacher Kalanit, one of the three teachers who guided the activity. She was joined by Nadwa, the Arabic teacher, and Michal, who teaches art and recycling.

It was Michal who and had brought the majority of the materials used to create the animals and their bedding. Everything was made from abandoned junk, which the children were able to give a second life. The ark was already waiting to host the animals. It rested on a pretty blue plank which had also been a piece of garbage. “Unbelievable!, says Michal, pointing at some boxes that would serve as future bedding for the animals, “I found piles and piles of them in an abandoned factory. There are so many things one can do with them!”.

Working together in a lively and cheerful way, parents and children created and decorated the animals and their bedding. Colourful lions, fishes, bats, cattle and so on, were placed in couples inside the ark, or displayed on the table. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a delicious potluck meal, prepared by the parents.

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