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Bye and thanks from Franziska

Thursday 10 July 2014

Franziska (volunteer till June 2014) writes:

im leaving next tuesday and i wanted to say goodbye and to thank everyone.
i’ve been volunteering in the village for the past 3 months, and its been a great experience, i’ve met so many people and had great moments. it was so interesting to speak to so many great people and getting to know the two cultures, i’ve learnt much about the place, the people, and the difficulties of the conflict as well as its success.
the poeple i met in the village were all very nice and kind, i feel like throughout my time here this place turned from a new and differrent place into a home,
im sure im gonna take all the nice moments and all the experiences i’ve had with you in these past months with me throughout my life and keep it in my heart.


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