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Celebration of Passover and Easter

Thursday 3 April 2014, by C&D Office

For the pupils, the last day in school before the holidays is a day worthy of celebration all on its own, but today they also were also celebrating Passover and Easter. In the afternoon, the teachers took the pupils to the nearby forest, where they had set up several stations for them to craft, do quizzes, play games and make matza bread.

JPEGThere were quizzes about the details of both the Passover and the Easter stories, as well as a memory game with themes and items about Passover. At one station pupils could craft baby Moses in his basket floating in the river, and at another use coloured plastic sheets to decorate branches with flowers to celebrate spring. JPEG
Some children were drawing Easter eggs, and others doing a crossword puzzle about Passover.

The highlight for many children was the matza bread. This unleavened bread recalls the speedy escape of the Jews from Egypt, JPEGas they didn’t have time to wait for the bread to rise. They formed the balls of dough to the well-known round shape, and the teachers put the bread on the hot surface for them. After a few minutes, the bread was finished and tasty. There was also chocolate spread to go with the bread, of course, which made it very easy to spot the children who had already had some.


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