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Christmas at the PSCC

Sunday 22 December 2013, by Christina Mittermaier, Dafna Karta Schwartz

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A Christmas party provided a wonderful opportunity for the community and its neighbors (Latrun Monastery, Kibbutz Nachshon, Kibbutz Gezer and the Community of the Beatitudes at Emmaus) to come together and join in mutual good wishes for happiness and cooperation in the new year. We received the blessings of the Trappist Abbey and sisters from the Beatitudes Community sang lovely Christmas carols. The Secretary of Kibbutz Nachshon added his good wishes and spoke of the cooperation between our communities.

Rames Manaa, a gifted young musician of the community, played the electric guitar, and the band NAAM gave a unique musical contribution that made the atmosphere perfect. The children and adults enjoyed themselves, ate home-baked cakes and danced till late in the evening.

Anne LeMeignen, who was in the village from its earliest days together with its founder Fr. Bruno Hussar, gave voice to our appreciation to the Latrun Abbey for its gift of land to Fr. Bruno so that he could fulfill his vision of founding a village that would create cooperation between, and provide inspiration to, Jews, Christians and Muslims.


(thanks to Evi Guggenheim Shbeta for the photos)


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