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Christmas party at the PSC

Wednesday 29 December 2010, by Abdessalam Najjar

On December 22, the Pluralistic Spiritual Center filled up, with young and adult members of the community to celebrate Christmas.

The activities began just as planned at 18:00. We began by building an ecological Christmas tree, from recycled materials. Michal Litvak Moses, the Eco-Art teacher from the Primary School was on hand to guide us. We used a wooden base, cardboard, a wire frame, and multicoloured plastic bottles and cups. The children, accompanied by adults, glued the various materials together and afterwards hung decorations on the tree, together with coloured lights. A beautiful Christmas tree resulted, without any need to spoil a tree from nature.

As with all celebrations, food played an important role. Some of the participants brought special holiday foods, which sufficed for everyone. In the background we played Christmas music. Thanks to everyone who helped with the preparations, especially to Reem, Raida, Lily, Aisheh, Michal and Noam Moses and Voltaire. Likewise, thanks to the Hotel staff who provided us with cups and tables and to Eitan for the tractor. And thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us. There were others who wanted to participated but the hour was not suitable. I hope for future events that the time will suit them and they will be able to attend.

(Thanks to Nadeen Nashef for the photos)

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