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Class of ’17 - the 6th grade graduation at the school

Thursday 22 June 2017

June 22: The end of year party came a few days early this year thanks to Eid al-Fitr - the Muslim holiday that concludes the holy month of Ramadan. As a consequence, the Muslim children were away from Sunday - Wednesday - only returning to collect their report cards and certificates on June 29.

On the 22nd, the school was abuzz with activity as the majority of class parties took place the same afternoon. The 6th grade party came at 8 PM on the school lawn. As usual, an open invitation extended to parents, grandparents, former graduates, students and village residents. The 6th graders had prepared well for a show that included acting, singing and dancing. There were smiles, tears and words of appreciation all round. Some veteran teachers, notably Voltaire and Hezzie, said their farewells to the school.

The eagerly awaited summer was upon us, already with an early heatwave. The students looked forward to participating in the summer camp, and some awaited vacations in near or exotic locations. But we know that by the end of August, everyone except of course the departing 6th graders, will be anxious to meet their friends again and begin another exciting year.

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