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Cooperation between Hagar School, Be’er Sheva & WASNS Primary School goes on.

Monday 6 June 2016

Sweet tea with Nana and I’m from There and Other Stories are two school-books specially created for Bilingual - Binational Schools in Israel by the Hagar Association: Jewish-Arab Education for Equality and was supported by the EU. Teachers of WASNS Primary School this month went to Be’er Sheva to meet the teachers of Hagar School and to join a lecture by one of the authors.

The bilingual book Sweet tea with Nana features stories of Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious holidays, while I’m from There and Other Stories includes themes such as national and memorial days and the different narratives of both peoples as they write about the Holocaust, Memorial Day and the Nakba. It is filled with personal stories including songs, special dishes and memories of families who were affected by individual and national tragedies. One of the teachers at WASNS Primary School has already started to use these books with her class. Lutfiya, one of the first grade teachers, said, “I was very moved by all the lovely stories connected with the various religious holidays. It’s great that these are written in both Hebrew and Arabic, so I can use them in the lessons where we teach together.” The cooperation with the Hagar School in Be’er Sheva started this year and we hope for a further fruitful exchange during the years to come.

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