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Environmental activities at the school

March 2010, by Veronica Sartore

Since February 2010 the pupils of all grades have been involved in a series of environmental activities conducted by operators of the “Karev Program for Educational Involvement”. This program is an initiative of the Keren Karev Foundation, which identifies education as the key to overcoming socio-economic disparity and the path to equal opportunity in Israel.

Keren Karev provides mainly enrichment programs for schools: subjects such as music, theatre, electronics, environment, photography, yoga, chess and many others are introduced to children who would otherwise have no access to them. An important role in the project involvement is played by the parents, and in Wahat al Salam/Neve Shalom this proves a constant collective commitment to that extra, different, unique something that will make school a place for which it is worthwhile to get up in the morning.

For example, on February 8th the children of the 1st grade created coloured notebooks out of used cornflakes packages and waste paper. A few days after the students of the 5th and 6th grade used bottle tops to make key-rings, which also serve as tools to collect plastic bottles and throw them into the recycling bin. A week later the 1st and 2nd grade collected flowers and leaves in the forest in order to create colourful bookmarks with them. At the beginning of march, the pupils of the 5th grade were involved in an interactive ecology lesson in the park nearby the school; then they collected wood sticks and built ecological notice boards with them.

Every activity was preceded by a story, a game, an explanation supported by visual material or a short film, which helped the children to realize the urgency but also the advantages and the joy of preserving and respecting nature.





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