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First day out in the village for the nursery children

Tuesday 10 September 2013, by Christina Valentin

This morning, when I was sitting in the PR-Office, just starting up my computer, I saw ten little children accompanied by three adults walking past my window.
Maybe I should mention that before they caught my eye, I heard them;
kids chatting, laughing and asking questions.
I quickly ran and grabbed my camera, because I knew I had just spotted something worth writing about.
I caught up with the group and was happy to see them at the guesthouse.

There I found out that I followed the nursery children and their teachers Naila, Hoda and Malka, who were on their first day out to explore the village.
Jasmin, Ofir, Nizar, Ali, Naser, Aran, Eyas, Sham, Emri and Nitzan started their voyage of discovery at the guest house. With all the rooms open and all the different hallways so inviting to enter I was astonished how amazingly well the three teachers managed to keep an eye on their group at all times. After talking to the teachers I learned that a trip like that is only possible when all three of them are there, and witnessing these curious children, which were so fond of discovery, made me immediately understand why.

After the group finished their tour at the guesthouse they contined their expedition of the village. The teachers made multiple stops on their way, giving each child enough time to look at everything of interest. And believe me, there are a lot of interesting things in NSWAS. All the flowers, trees and fruits for example, and the teachers were never short of explanations. If my arabic or my hebrew would be better, I am sure I would also have learned a lot on that tour.
Now, because of the jewish new year Rosh Hashana, where it is customary to eat pommegranate, all the children learn about the special fruit. The nursery class also pays very close attention to the four seasons when they go out and they watch closely how nature changes according to the seasons.

Another important fact is that the kids get familiar with traffic rules while on their day out, the teachers show them where to go when a car is approching and talk to them afterwards about how to act in certain situations. Teaching them in a fun but safe environment shows the children that learning can be enjoyable.

What is very special about this years nursery class is that there are two children who are already the village’s 3rd generation. Emrei, son of Tom and Karen Edlund, has now just started his year in nursery. Tom has been one of the first children to go to school in Wahat al-Salam/Neve Shalom. Emrei’s grandmother, Ety Edlund, was one of the first people who joined NSWAS with her family. She founded the school together with the late Abdessalam Najjar.
Ofir, Hila and Nir Manor-Frish’s daughter, is also in the nursery. Her mother Hila was the first child of the village, and Hila’s parents Tamar and Elan were the first Jewish family to join Fr. Bruno Hussar.

With the successful start of this new year the nursery children can look forward to a lot of educational trips.

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