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First Lesson in Peace

Monday 23 February 2009

Award-winning feature documentary, now on Teachers.tv - but viewable only from the UK.

To find: Accessible after free "Lite" registration in the UK (confirmed), possibly certain other countries (unconfirmed), then search for Oasis of Peace .

Video Information

* 60 minutes

* Citizenship
* Communities, cultures & identities
* Documentaries
* International

* Pupil


First Lesson in Peace explores the Jewish-Arab conflict through the eyes of a six-year-old girl, Michal.

Michal is the daughter of the film’s director, and her progress is followed as she starts school at the mixed Arab-Jewish primary school, Neve Shalom, the Oasis of Peace.

The film takes the form of a letter from Michal’s father, Yoram, to his daughter, highlighting the clashes and encounters that she goes through during her first year in school and her first year in the reality of the Middle East.

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