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"Seeds of Peace" in Kosovo
December 10 1999 - December 31 2000

"Seeds of Peace in Kosovo" promotes an educational and formative program designed for supporting intercultural dialogue and fostering a sense of community amongst the Serbs, Albanians and Romanian Gypsies, the three ethnic groups living today in Kosovo.

The project, implemented and promoted by the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy (Fcei) and the Italian Friends' Association of Neve Shalom ~ Wahat al-Salam (NSWAS), in conjunction with the interfaith journal Confronti, is funded from proceeds of Mission "Arcobaleno", a humanitarian campaign launched by the Italian Government in March 1999, and financed from December 1999 to December 2000.

The goal of "Seeds of Peace in Kosovo" is the opening of an intercultural after-school session in the city of Mitrovica, for children and youth aged 6 to 14.  This educational center will be endowed with laboratories and based on the educational principles and methodologies of the NSWAS educational system.  It will serve as a model for peaceful coexistence in a pluralistic society and it will provide a shelter to children and youth resident in the area, and a favorable environment for overcoming the traumas of warfare and ethnic violence.

"Seeds of Peace in Kosovo" will invest in training the educators.  For that purpose it will organize in Kosovo a seminar on intercultural education, in cooperation with the facilitators of NSWAS School for Peace, and a parallel training course in Italy for those involved in operating the project.

The project will foster local networks for intercultural and interfaith dialogue and promote their inclusion within Italian and wider European networks.  The ultimate goal of "Seeds of Peace in Kosovo" is to activate contacts and mutual exchange among educators on a much broader scale.  This network of communication and collaboration, open to new experiences and contributions, will serve as a support for intercultural education processes in areas of religious and ethnic conflicts.

The town of Mitrovica is now divided into two ethnic areas: the River Ibar separates Serbs living on one side, from Kosovo Albanians.  Mitrovica is a focus of destabilization in Kosovo and a stronghold for those who foster a division of the region on an ethnic basis.  "Seeds of Peace in Kosovo" will strive to erect in Mitrovica a new bridge connecting the two sides of the river that is to serve as a spot where people can meet to build a new solidarity.

Responsible for the project: Paolo Naso and Bruno Segre

Project coordinator in Kosovo: Raffaello A. Zini

Bureau of coordination in Rome: Catia-Isabel Santonico Ferrer

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