"Sweating for Peace"

April 1 2003

This report comes from Evi Guggenheim Shbeta, who has been representing NSWAS in Switzerland:

“After hearing a lecture on NSWAS, students of a class of the Stadelhofer High School in Zurich organized a sponsor run. The whole event was very special. Each pupil found sponsors for each round he or she would run. On the day of the run, about 90% of the pupils were running or “sweating for peace” as they called the event. Even the teachers ran, and sponsored one other. There was a great atmosphere the whole morning, and they managed to collect the incredible sum of 30,000 Swiss Francs. They were really “sweating for peace” and for us, in order to help us continue our peace work.

Running for peace.

Part of the organizing committee counting the rounds: for each round the runners get the sum they were promised to be sponsored. As you can see, I gave them caps of the Humanitarian Assistance Palestinians (HAP) project.

The younger classes running.

The teachers' team.  Some of them ran, while other teachers sponsored them. One succeeded to run 16 rounds, raising 650 Swiss Francs !