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German Deputy Minister of North Rhine - Westphalia and delegation visit WAS-NS

Monday 30 January 2017

"Thank you for being a thorn in the flesh and for doing wonderful work" - says Sylvia Löhrmann on visit

A delegation from the German state of North Rhine - Westphalia came for a morning visit, tour of the village and lunch. The visitors included Ms. Sylvia Elisabeth Löhrmann, who is the state Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for School and Further Education; Ms. Hildegard Banneyer, Head of the Prime Minister’s Office; Ms. Barbara Loecherbach, spokeswoman; Dr. Braun-Bau, Head of Division; Mr. Andreas Weinhold, Education Partner and Ms. Franciska Obermeyer, Head of Culture and Education Dept. of the German Embassy.

The delegation was met by the heads of the municipal and educational associations, the director of the School for Peace and members of the Communications and Development staff. After a presentation on the village, they were taken on a tour of the educational institutions, and then enjoyed lunch at the hotel.

Speaking on the visit, Ms. Löhrmann said: “Thank you for being a thorn in the flesh - you keep going and doing educational work... which is very impressive. We heard yesterday from the Palestinian side, and the day before from the Israeli side. This is a conflict which is so deep and so tragic for you, but also for the world, and so we can only have respect for the great work you do, and thank you for this.”

We look forward to maintaining contact with these important visitors, who each brought a depth of vision and understanding of the importance of educational peace work in our region, based on their own professional background and experience.

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