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"Green Day" at the Primary School

Wednesday 6 May 2009

Parents, pupils and teachers celebrated ecological and green living yesterday evening, at the school’s "Green Day" organised by Recycling/Art teacher Michal Litvak-Moses. The event highlighted the work the school has been doing this year in support of the environment. The Primary School is trying hard this year to advance programmes supporting a clean and safe environment for the children and the world. Their work was presented in a very visual way through exhibits that were placed on display for parents to enjoy. These had themes from personal hygiene (soap making, dental care) to road safety, to the importance of looking after the environment at large.

All the exhibits were made from recycled materials. But the exhibition was just a small part of the afternoon program. The students and parents split up into class groups and did activities with teachers. Among these were "weaving peace" - projects done on home-made hand-looms, a quiz about the environment, producing clocks, mobiles, and other interesting things from thrown-away materials. Using old shoes as plant pots and orphaned socks to make colourful centipedes. This being the Middle-East, a pot-luck meal brought by parents was also an important part of the afternoon - with care not to pollute the environment with throw-away plastic cups!

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