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How to build peace in Israel / Palestine, by WAS-NS member Noam Shuster

Tuesday 1 December 2015

WASNS member Noam Shuster was invited to speak at the One Young World conference in Bangkok (November 2015)

From the description found on YouTube:

Educated in a bi-lingual and bi-national school, Noam speaks fluent Arabic which strengthens her Middle Eastern identity that is based on her family’s roots in Iran. She has worked in peacebuilding programmes with Israelis and Palestinians since a young age and joined the international peacebuilding organisation, Interpeace, in 2012. At Interpeace, she has been engaged with a special UN-based programme and working with strategic populations in the Israeli society who were previously excluded from the peace process. Growing up with the backdrop of the Arab-Israeli conflict has given Noam an entrenched desire to be a part of the peace process. She wants to keep the peace process as all-encompassing as possible, so that they do not lose strategic audiences during the process. Most of all, she is passionate about good leadership, finding non-violent solutions and taking responsibility for your own future.

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