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"Inspirations - Oasis of Peace": Documentary on the WAS-NS Primary School

Saturday 25 August 2007

An interesting and informative 30-minute film on the WAS-NS Primary School is now available on Teachers TV.

Called, "Inspirations: Oasis of Peace", the documentary was filmed in 2006 by a professional film maker (Ian Bild) and production team from Available Light Productions. The film has excellent video and audio quality, and can be freely viewed or downloaded at http://www.teachers.tv/video/13839

Synopsis [from the teachers.tv site]:

This programme looks at the work of Reem Nashef, an Arab, and Hezzi Schouster, a Jew, co-teachers at a remarkable school in Israel.

It’s the oldest of only four schools in the whole of the country where Jewish and Palestinian children are taught together in their own language.

The programme follows Reem and Hezzi and their grade 5 students through a busy week.

During the week the two teachers work in two languages, translating each other for the children. They talk about the joys and frustrations of working in the Oasis of Peace.

This film currently be found via

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