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Launch of the 2016- 2017 School Year

Thursday 29 September 2016

The first day of the new school year at the primary school was undoubtedly a sweet and special day. Sixth graders gathered to greet and warmly welcome the first graders into the school, with loud cheers and songs. Standing in parallel lines, the sixth graders held the Arabic and Hebrew signs they had created, and applauded as the first graders passed under the school’s rainbow arch.

Everyone gathered together and listened to speeches given by school principal Carmella Ferber members of the village council and representatives of the parents’ committee. WAS-NS co-founder Anne Le Meignen spoke, sharing her love for the children. Special guests from the monastery at Latrun, abbot Renee and former abbot Paul also welcomed the children. Afterwards some of the parents, especially of the first graders, accompanied the young children to their classes.

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