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Music Education

Thursday 1 December 2016

This year we have been working hard to enrich our music education at the school, by bringing in three part time teachers. Music serves as a bridge between cultures, facilitates language instruction, brings about familiarity and endearment for the cultural identity of the other people. Music has always been employed successfully in these ways at our primary school, and this year we want to give even more emphasis to it.

The music education program is taught by Haim, Boaz and Ella. Haim gives first and second graders a grounding in musical basics. They learn about the major scale, rhythm and music theory. Haim also teaches oud and darbuka lessons. The oud is a stringed instrument that features prominently in Middle Eastern music, as does the darbuka, a percussion instrument. Boaz focuses on building ensembles and teaches guitar. Ella primarily teaches vocals and keyboard lessons.

The teachers plan to expand the music program to include oriental flute (Ney) lessons in the near future. The classes, designed for grades three through six, teach students how to play specific instruments. Some students choose to focus more on vocals. All students meet once a week for two hours, and are divided into small groups of five or six children. Instruction in small groups allows the teachers to focus on each student’s individual needs, in a comfortable setting.

Haim shared his thoughts on the music education program:

“It is exciting that here at the WASNS primary school we have a mixture of cultures. We are working to integrate the two cultures by teaching special Arab and Jewish songs. We are trying to create a Western and Eastern ensemble with oud, keyboard, guitar, darbuka, flute and clarinet. The students are able to meet each culture through music."

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