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Nakba Day Commemorations

Sunday 17 May 2009, by Frances Simmons

The whole school commemorated Nakba Day on Thursday, May 14. In class, the children learned about the Palestinian refugees, and about the “Right of Return”. The sixth grade made a presentation for the Palestinian children, which the Jewish and Arab children had all helped to prepare during class.

After their ceremony, bringing together the Arab and Jewish children in joint activity, all the pupils and teachers took part in the day’s final art project . One teacher and a pupil demonstrated how the length of seven footsteps is the same as a person’s height. By drawing around each other’s feet on enormous sheets of paper, they could bring themselves towards one another, by a projection of themselves onto the ground.

In cooperation all the children and their teachers drew around each other’s feet, showing not only a record of their existence in one place at one time, but also how a symbolic act can cement friendships. The pupils picked whatever colours they liked to decorate the footprints. Some chose the colours of flowers, spring time, or those of both the national flags.

After all the classes had finished making their colourful footprints, they were put on display outside in the playground for the closing ceremony.

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