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A new principal for the Oasis of Peace Primary School

Wednesday 10 September 2014

The 2014-2015 school year has launched with a new principal, Carmella Ferber, who was chosen from among many candidates to lead the school forward into its 31st year.

The announcement of her appointment was made by the WAS-NS educational committee before the summer break. The committee and the School expressed deep appreciation to Anwar Dawood who had served as principal for so many years, developing the school’s unique curricula and teaching methods, while staving off economic difficulties and challenges thrown up by the harsh political climate. Writing in commemoration of the School’s 30th anniversary, Anwar writes: "I hope we will continue to develop this jewel in the crown."

Carmella was selected for her wealth of experience and qualifications. For the last five years she was principal of the Ben Gurion primary school in Bat Yam, just south of Tel Aviv. She has over twenty years of teaching experience serving as a history teacher and department coordinator in various high schools and junior high schools around the country. She holds a BA in education and an MA in history from Tel Aviv University. Carmella is not a member of WAS-NS, but lives just a 10 minute drive away, in the town of Karmei Yosef.

Carmella says: “I believe that a good school is the beating heart of the community in which it sits, and which it serves, and in such a complex community like Neve Shalom-Wahat al Salam, the school must be maintained as a microcosm of coexistence”. She says that a school’s administration is to provide teachers with the maximum conditions for success in their challenging role. This process of empowering teachers must foresee the emerging needs of the school and the career paths of every teacher and staff member.

"Teachers need to be encouraged to think ahead, to learn, to grow and to be full partners in the school activities. The key to success is true teamwork and collaboration in thinking, planning, and implementing initiatives.”

We are excited to let Carmella at the helm and give her the opportunity to steer the school in its next stages of development.

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