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New Steering Committee for the PSCC

Sunday 1 October 2017, by Hezi Shuster

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I am pleased to announce the establishment of a steering committee for the Spiritual Center. The team consists of members of the community and people from outside the community who engage in various fields of culture and art in Israeli, Jewish and Palestinian society.

The team met for its first session on Sunday, September 17, 2017. I have no doubt that this distinguished team will contribute greatly to the advancement and development of the Spiritual Center.

The goal is to promote bi-national and bilingual work in the fields of spirituality, culture, politics and art, and to position the center appropriately in these fields.
The meeting gave an overview of the Center’s history and activities in recent years and in the coming months. A variety of topics were raised, and it was decided to place emphasis on appealing to the Palestinian public, on diversity in the center’s activities, and on appealing to wider audiences in the general public. In addition, ideas were raised for activity towards 2018.

Steering Committee members (in alphabetical order):

Yair Auron
Almog Bahar
Tawfiq Da’adleh
Haula Haj-Dibsi
Amia Lieblich
Ibtisam Maraana
Dyana Shaloufi Rizek
Dorit Shippin
Best Regards - Hezi Schuster


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