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Opening of the 2010-2011 School Year

Wednesday 1 September 2010

The first of September marks the opening of the School Year in Israel, and this is so also for the Oasis of Peace School. Although the date is regular, every year this seems a small miracle - and this is true especially in the current period of continued economic difficulty and worsening political climate.
So, seeing the happy troupe of first graders march sheepishly through the school’s rainbow gate - some accompanied by elder siblings - brought tears to many eyes. Twenty nine children (17 Jews / 12 Arabs) joined the school’s first grade this year. Although the demand from parents was there, we were not able to open two classes, but made do with one slightly large class (though with two home room teachers). All in all, there are a hundred and ninety eight (198) children in the school this year (102 Jews / 96 Palestinians). In the pre-school levels there are another 32 children.

Pictures of the day follow:

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