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Our statement on Gaza

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Since the current conflagration began, our community has been meeting to consider what it means for us as a Palestinian - Jewish village, and to discuss responses. We organized one demonstration and, with the help of our Friends Associations, have been organizing some in-kind donations of hospital equipment and humanitarian aid.

More actions and activities are being planned. As the violence renews, with no end in site, these are our thoughts:

“In the current wave of violence, more than 2,000 people have been killed. Thousands more have been injured. Tens of thousands have been left destitute or bereft of their homes. We call upon our leaders to renounce, once and for all, violence and bloodshed. It is time to address the underlying causes of this long and cruel conflict.

Our experience of establishing and developing jointly a Palestinian - Jewish community has taught us that it is possible for the two peoples to coexist in equality, sharing authority and responsibility, while respecting differences.

Our experience of running educational encounters that actively confront the core issues has taught us that in a framework based on equality and respect for the needs of both peoples, we can overcome all obstacles and resolve the causes of the conflict.

Both Palestinians and Jews have suffered enough. It is time to address injustice, stop the cycle of violence and bequeath to our children a brighter future, in which they can enjoy a rewarding and dignified existence in this beautiful and bountiful land.”

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