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Shai Schwartz


Shai Schwartz is a storyteller, actor, director and playwright living in NS/WAS. He has been performing, directing and writing, since 1974 in all the major theaters in Israel, including The Habima National Theater, The Tel Aviv HaCameri Repertory Theater, etc., as well as in film, on radio and on television.    He has toured Europe and America with his storytelling performance "Weaving" (described below).  He gives workshops in storytelling as a communicative tool and as a performing art.  In NSWAS and around the world, he facilitates workshops on cultural conflict using story therapy techniques.  Shai has found that personal storytelling enhances communicative skills as well as awareness of cultural conflict, the Israeli - Palestinian conflict, and the estrangement of new immigrants defining their relationship to a new land.


a Story Telling Experience

A storytelling evening of Jewish and Arab folk tales interwoven with anecdotes on my life in Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam. My show "Weaving" is a storytelling evening created out of the dynamics of my life in NS/WAS, the only Jewish-Palestinian collective village in Israel. The show is comprised of Arab and Jewish folk tales interwoven with anecdotes about difficult, embarrassing or amusing moments I have gone through, moments in which I have found myself inattentive, defensive or intolerant to the other side. There are other stories of moments of beauty, hope and brotherhood. The folk tales lend depth and perspective to the message that comes through the anecdotes. This show has been performed to Jewish, Palestinian, American and international audiences in Israel. I have found that every audience identifies and reacts warmly to the issues arising in the show.

"Weaving" has successfully toured Europe and the USA.

The music to the performance was composed by the musician Nitsan Peri and is accompanied by guitar, oude and percussion, played by the musician Guy Kark who also plays a few of his own compositions. Nitsan Peri is writing his doctorate in musicology in the Hebrew University. He has written many scores for theater productions in Israel, performing in "The Between Times," a group roughly defined as "New World."

Guy Kark has studied music, composition and song at the Jerusalem Academy of Music, guitar and oude, with different teachers. He is the founder of the "Good Earth," a contemporary music group, and "The Between Times." He produced a disk of his work with this group in 1996. He also performs in a duet of guitar and harp. He has performed in many combinations in Israel and overseas.

"Weaving" tours the USA

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