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WASNS School children planting and growing together

Tuesday 3 March 2015

At Tubishvat / Eid i-Shajarah , the holiday of the trees, and the following weeks, WASNS Primary School children participated in several planting activities in and around the school.

Together with teachers Nadwa and Voltaire the First-Graders planted seedlings from the schools green house. Michal engaged the children in yet another recycling junk into art project, when she used the back of bus station ad-posters as painting papers, where the children turned the outlines of their bodies into colorful trees as Tubishvat school decoration.

The Fifth and Sixth Graders rolled up their sleeves and plowed a field on the villages hillside, while Voltaire showed and told them about the many local herbs and useful plants. After waiting out the sand- wind- and hailstorms of the last weeks, spring came out once again with beautiful sunny weather and so teachers Voltaire and Rani took the fourth graders to the plowed field, where they planted seeds of the locally grown Armenian Cucumber (Faquous), which is used in certain Arab dishes.


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