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Wednesday 21 February 1996, by Dafna Karta Schwartz

The time of parting has come,
The cocoon has turned into a butterfly
Flying to look for other regions.
But just a minute, Bruno,
I want to tell you just a few more words.
Words of love
For a man that for whom love was the call of life,
Love was the gate
Through which many people passed -
Jews, Christians and Muslims.
You had a place for them all,
Because you were seeking, and finding, the beautiful in each person.
You had the power to hold and accept,
You had the endless patience
To dream about Neve Shalom.
You wanted a center for three religions
And received a dialogue between two people.
Through all our disagreements, differences and contradictions
You stood fast by the idea of "The Doumiah"
That would bridge all gaps.
After all,
Sometimes we remember
We are all equal before God.
And we who were left behind,
Thanks to you, your power of faith and hope
We live on this hill
And raise our children.
We part today only from your body.
The power of your dream and vision stays with us
The belief in love between people,
The belief in dialogue and giving,
The belief in search and acceptance.
Your dream stays with us as a legacy,
And continues to the generations
of your children and grandchildren,
Sons of three religions and two peoples,
For us and all the friends and supporters.
I hope we will learn and know
How to keep this legacy
Because sometimes we forget, ponder,
Make mistakes, and close our hearts.
I hope we can be wise enough to learn to accept from you
This wisdom,
The wisdom of love.
Your dream will still grow and spread its roots
Because more and more people believe and join us
And we will follow your path,
The path of a modest, wise and innocent man.
Good-bye Bruno,
Fly in peace with all the other butterflies.


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