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Presencing Collective Challenges Workshop in WASNS

Sunday 15 March 2015

On Thursday, March 12, the Pluralistic Spiritual Community Center held a day long seminar to explore the competencies that can grow out of conflict areas, and how we can cultivate them in order to create an excellence in crisis resolution.

The seminar was led by the world renowned spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl. Over 150 Jews and Palestinians attended from all over Israel, East Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Thomas Hübl speaks about the intentions of the workshop:

Among the participants was psychologist Ahmed Tawahina from Gaza. He is a father of eight and works with individuals and groups on trauma in the Gaza Strip. His presence significantly contributed to the seminar. It was his first visit to Wahat al Salam-Neve Shalom and he expressed his interest in returning and finding ways of working together.

The day of meetings and discussions ended with participants expressing a great desire to continue to work together to create a group of Palestinian and Israelis who will together create a safe place where the two people can work on collective trauma.


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