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Primary School Hosts Green Network Program

Tuesday 30 April 2013, by Glenn Chon

During April, the WaS-NS Primary School hosted an event centered on the Green Network, to which nine surrounding schools were invited. The Green Network is a program created by The Green Environment Fund, dedicated to creating a space for celebrating expression of diversity and differences. They aim to educate children of all religions and races on the importance of the environment and their main goal is to monitor and support schools in initiating and developing environmental programs to reduce the ecological footprint of individuals and the surrounding community. They have operated with over 40 schools and 30 kindergartens in all sectors of the population in Israel; with Jews and Arabs, religious and secular; from Horfish Galilee to the rest of the Negev.

At the program children were taught about the benefits of recycling, reusing, and the importance of being green. The Primary School has taken part in this program for the last three years! This year, we had the honor of hosting the following nine schools:

- Ort Lod - High school – Arab
- Ort Lod Junior high – Arab
- Neve Yarak Junior high – Arab
- Al Rashidiya Elementary – Arab
- Al Manar Elementary – Arab
- Zvooloon Hamer Elementary – Jewish
- Ganei Aviv Elementary – Jewish
- Ma’apilim Elementary – Jewish
- Har’el Elementary – Jewish

The event was also the debut of a new canopy over the turf play area, generously donated by the British Friends Association.


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