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Primary School Presents Language Days

Thursday 20 June 2013, by Glenn Chon

As the year begins to wrap up at Neve Shalom Wahat al Salam Primary School, the children participate in a three day language appreciation program. The first day focused on Hebrew, the second on English, and the third on Arabic.

The program encourages students to be open about languages and to appreciate the vividness of the many different forms of communication. The program empowers children to actively engage in language learning. They shared their language projects from the year and put on short skits. Outside of the classroom, language games, puzzles, and extra readings were provided with the goal of enriching the children as well as showing them that languages can be fun. Some of the students even took leadership roles to manage their own language stations where other students would come and play the games they created.

Through roles of leadership, responsibility, creativity, and independence, the children are learning everyday that communication is an essential part to peace and success.


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