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Purim celebration at the Primary School

Saturday 19 March 2011

Everyday during the week from March 13 – 17 the children of the Oasis of Peace Primary School learned about and celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim – one of the children’s favorite holidays. The Jewish and Arab children learned about the Biblical story of Esther, and especially emphasized the giving of gifts (mishloah manot) and made special dishes for their school lunch. Each day of the week was given a certain theme: there was a pajama day, a color day, a day for fairytale characters... and on each day the children came with fancy dress. One of the activities was to decorate the class room doors, according to the ideas of the children. One room was decorated with footballs; another with a witch, and another with Snow White... They also played various games - for example, on the day dedicated to colors, the children divided into teams according to their colors, and played ball games. Many of the costumes, props, art work and greetings cards were made from recycled materials in the Art from Recycled Materials class. On Thursday, the children (and their parents) made a special effort to dress up and also made a parade. Some of the costumes reminded us of events currently in the news. One boy dressed as Muamar Gaddafi. Two girls wore kimonos. As shown in the pictures, children of the 6th grade class exchanged gifts with the first grade class.

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