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Religion, social identity, and Jewish - Arab education: A lecture given in Japan

Wednesday 11 October 2006, by Bob Mark

Bob Mark was invited to deliver a lecture in the Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan, in the framework of a course on Religion and Modern Society.

The course was organized by the Ritsumeikan University, the Yomiuri Shimbun and the Japanese Committee of the World Council of Religions for Peace. Every two weeks for the duration of a school year a different guest lecturer from around the world, each representing a different faith or denomination, addressed the students. On October 11th Bob delivered the following talk on religion, social identity, and Jewish - Arab education.

The content of the lecture appears in PDF and MS Word formats.

A report of the lecture (in Japanese) appeared in Yomiuri Online

Thanks to Yomiuri Online for the attached photo.


photo credit: Yomiuri Online

titre documents joints

  • Lecture, pdf format (PDF - 223.3 kb)

  • Lecture, MS Word format (Word - 205.5 kb)

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