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Rita Boulos speaks at the Palestine Committee organization in Munich

Monday 13 July 2015

WAS-NS member Rita Boulos spoke and attended two cultural events of the Palestine Committee between June 18 and 20, 2015. She was invited by Mr. Fouad Hamdan, director of the Palestine Committee, which is based in Munich, Germany. The occasion was a weeklong program titled “Palestinian Days, Share the Land – Harvest the Peace.” Rita’s part was to speak to members in the organization and other guests about WAS/NS.

Mr. Hamdan frequently brings groups from Germany to Israel/Palestinian and always includes WAS/NS in their program.

On June 18, Rita visited the center, which is funded by the Munich municipality and hosts a variety of cultural events for a diverse audience. Later in the day, she was interviewed by Radio Bavaria – B5 Artuell, for a program that was broadcast the following day.

On June 19, there were two scheduled cultural events: an exhibition of photos by Mohammad Badarneh including children from unrecognized villages in the Negev; and a performance of classical Arab music played on the oud by musician Samir Mansour.

On June 20 was the main event, which took place at the Gasteig, Munich’s Cultural, Education and Convention Centre. With the aid of a multimedia presentation, Rita gave a long talk on the village and its educational work and then responded to questions. The audience showed great interest in the Village.

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