Administration Change
at the School

At the start of the 2002-2003 school year, co-principals Boaz Kita'in and Diana Shaloufi-Rizek were replaced by new principals after a careful selection process made during the previous school year and preparation made during the summer.

The new principals are Maya Karni and Samiha Hijazi.  At the beginning of the school year they wrote a letter to supporters of NSWAS to introduce themselves and describe their hopes for the coming school year:

A New Beginning a Letter from Samiha and Maya

Dear Friends,

As we open the school year in The Oasis of Peace Primary School, and enter our new role as its directors, we would like to thank you for your great contribution, which enables the existence of this special and multifaceted school. In these same days when the conflict around us is so violent, Arab and Jewish children and teachers are learning to know each other, respect and cherish one another. This is a grand educational venture and we are honored that you have chosen to take a part in it.

We wish to tell you something about ourselves:

Samiha Hijazi is from the village of Tamra in the North. She holds a BA from Haifa University, where she studied Arabic and Hebrew.  In addition, she graduated from a management course, and from a course in alternative teaching methods. She herself has conducted courses for teachers in these subjects and was also a teacher of Arabic and Hebrew in Tamra's School.

Maya Karni lives in Jerusalem. She has an MA in communication and has graduated from The School for Educational Leadership. As a group facilitator she worked recently with groups of school principals and teachers, including Jewish-Palestinian groups of teachers. Her expertise is in skills of staff development and promoting a humanistic approach in education.

In the process of getting to know the work ahead of us, we have found out that we share a very similar socio-educational approach. Together we wish this year to promote the following:

  • To invest in social aspects and values education among our students, with the aim of bringing hearts closer together, and to promote sensitivity and love for humankind.
  • To empower the Arabic language in the school. All teachers have gone through an intensive course during the summer vacation. We have also added a weekly hour in Arabic to all age groups, with the hope that the language will receive a more significant place.
  • We regard our staff as one of our most important assets and wish to nurture and empower them. The educational tasks in our school are many and the staff members are investing much more than in any other school. This situation takes its toll in a high degree of "burnout" among the teachers.
  • In our attempt to ease the situation, we plan to invest in the educators and the professional teachers by becoming involved in their work in the classes and developing with them methods and ideas for their students.
  • We have opened a variety of roles at the school , which staff members can take upon themselves and become more involved.
  • In addition, we would like to be able to grant scholarships to staff members for special projects.

We believe that in our school we can educate students who perceive peace between our nations as a reality and not a dream; students who learn to be sensitive to the pains and joys of others.

We are happy and thankful for the opportunity we have been given, and we hope we can live up to the expectations.

With gratitude and warm wishes,

Samiha and Maya