Parents and teachers speak about the Primary School

(December 2001)

A Palestinian parent:

'I decided to send my children here for the idea of living and learning together. I came to understand that this idea is not as "rosy" as I thought at first. It's a complex idea with many difficulties. However, by dealing with these difficulties we are doing our share in building a "rosier" world for the future.'

A Jewish parent:

'This [the Primary School] is a small utopia in a torn region. The school is doing the hardest thing, which is also the most important to do. It is my wish and hope that education in Israel will follow this example.'

Primary School Teachers:
Mali Orbach, homeroom teacher 4th (Jewish):

'For me, to be a teacher in NS/WAS Primary School is a personal learning experience as well as a teaching experience. Even in these hard times, I feel very much rewarded to see the children happy together and to know that I have my part in it.'

Faten Abdelhalim, homeroom teacher 6th (Arab):

'This is my first year of teaching here and living in NS/WAS. In my work I try to integrate what I believe in into real life. In my vision I see a world where people from different nations and backgrounds treat each other with love and respect.'